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Full Circle

Posted by Delvin Solkinson almost 4 years ago

An educational vignette on the Localizing Model of PDC course development.

The frontier of permaculture is arriving at last! This website is an expression of the vast global network of a truly planet wide movement. I am honored to give my first post in celebration of this historic moment in the journey of humanity.

Currently I am co-facilitating two courses modelling my last five years working on a Masters Degree Project in Permaculture Education. I hope they will inspire similar courses to happen in other places of the world.

Full Circle is a seasonal Permaculture Design Certification and Food Cycles Program

Permaculture is a holistic approach to conscious living, sharing an awareness of the world with a focus on sustainability, low impact living and and healthy community development which promotes a seasonal awareness with practical activities to do at every time of year.

In addition to the full PDC curriculum, the course includes experiential hands on learning about the uses of native plants for Coastal First Peoples, tips for organic gardening, growth cycles, propagation, seed saving, havesting, food preservation, water wisdom, medicine making, integrated composting and so much more as part of a practical and relevant Timely Actions in the Garden.

From dormant earth to finished season, the Food Cycles program occurs in conjunction with the Permaculture Design Certificate classes to round out and ground in the new permaculture practitioner's certification. From seed, to harvest, to preservation, making medicines, creating a four season harvest, and doing a year long mapping and design project on your land, this course is sure to land you where you live.

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